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Zebra Academy

Bastien Ritzen | CEO & Co-Founder

“As an entrepreneur, you are a lot focused on what you are doing and maybe sometimes you miss the big picture. It is interesting to have someone external to really help you get to this big picture and think in another way.”


Sebastien Lebbe | CEO & Co-Founder

“We have created a partnership with Microsoft’s teams internationally. Together, we developed a PowerPoint integration, which means that now Wooclap can be used directly inside PowerPoint”


Shahram Sharif |CEO &  Founder

“With the expertise of the mentors, ICAB’s coaching provided us with a 360° view on our company, a view we never got anywhere else, that allowed us to become a stronger company.”


Kevin Francois | CEO &  Founder

“ICAB was able to provide us with a board of members with month-to-month mentoring to help us grow.”

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